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31)The ________ supervises the lighting crew as they hang, focus and filter lights according to the lighting plot. He or she executes the lighting designer?s plan.

32)The taking down of the set and the lights after the show has ended is called the ________.

33)The ________ ready the set and change it on precise cues.

34)The ________ organizes and instructs the ticket takers and ushers, resolves any disputes about seats, and clears the theatre.

35)The ________ oversees ticket sales and staff.

36)The ________ executes the sound designer?s effects and follows the cues given by the stage manager in performance.

37)The ________ are the people who collect all of the costumes and launder, press and repair any damage that occurred in performance.

38)________ assist actors who have difficult or rapid costume changes.

39)________ props are those carried on stage by actors.

40)The ________ chooses and places the appropriate microphones and speakers, hooking up equipment to amplifiers and speakers.



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