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31.Manufacturing companies are concerned with production management, while service companies are concerned with operations management.

32.An important strategy in operations management is using technology to anticipate customer needs. In the hotel industry, this is known as guest-recognition services.

33.Operations management transforms resources into goods and services, such as a landscape company that utilizes equipment, labor, and materials to develop a landscape. Managing this operation may also involve maintenance services.

34.Jason recently graduated with a degree in operations management from a respected university. The knowledge he gained and skills he developed while obtaining this degree could make him an attractive employee for either a manufacturing firm or a service firm.

35.Justin Tyme is a manager at Elastic Plastic, Inc. His duties include production scheduling and keeping tabs on the company's inventory. These activities suggest that Justin is involved in promotions management.

36.While going through the line at the local grocery store, the clerk asks you if you found everything you needed, as she continues to scan the goods you are planning to purchase. At the end of the scan, a coupon emerges that you can use on future purchases of a product you have just purchased. In reviewing the key concepts from Chapter 9, you would consider this action, the store's management of its labor.

37.Marci Costas is majoring in operations management at Brunau University. Unfortunately, the evolution of the U.S. from a manufacturing-oriented to a service-oriented economy means that Marci will probably find few job openings in her field of study.

38.When firms successfully produce products, they create form utility.

39.Only firms in the manufacturing sector can create true form utility.

40.The three basic requirements of production are: (1) creating a finished good (2) making sure you created it at the lowest cost possible, and (3) selling it.



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