31.In the children’s television show Pee Wee’s Playhouse, the floor,

Question : 31.In the children’s television show Pee Wee’s Playhouse, the floor, : 1408640



31.In the children’s television show Pee Wee’s Playhouse, the floor, globe, and chair could talk, move, and had their own personalities. The fact that many young children view such objects as being “alive” is consistent with the Piagetian concept of

a.intonation.c.observational learning.





32.The defining characteristic of centration is ____ thought.

a.abstractc.a lack of object permanent

b.narrowly focusedd.overextension




33.Donny’s mother has just poured two glasses of orange juice, one for Donny and one for his sister. After they are poured, Donny becomes very upset that he got less juice than his sister. Their mother points out that while Donny’s glass is short, it is also wider, and thus both children have the same amount. Donny continues to protest, arguing that his juice is shorter, thus he has less juice. Piaget would explain Donny’s behavior as being the result of


b.centration.d.a primary circular reaction.




34.The conservation of liquid task directly assesses a child’s level of






35.During a power outage, Blair does not want to finish eating her vanilla ice cream because, as she put it, “When the lights went out, the ice cream turned black, and I don’t like black ice cream!” Blair is in the ____ stage of development.

a.concrete operationalc.sensorimotor

b.formal operationald.preoperational




36.Michael, who is a preoperational thinker, watches as a movie character appears to turn from a nice teenager into a werewolf. What is Michael’s most likely reaction?

a.Laughter, since he realizes that it is all a fake

b.Nothing, since he would likely not notice the change

c.Terror, since he likely believes that the individual has actually become a werewolf

d.Confidence, since he now realizes that despite the apparent physical change, it is still the same nice individual




37.Trevor is visiting his dad’s office on a take-your-son-to-work day. Just after they arrive, Trevor’s dad’s boss bursts into the room and screams at the dad about a poorly written report he submitted. All the time that he is being berated, Trevor’s dad keeps smiling. Once the boss has left, Trevor turns to his dad and says, “You really must like it when your boss hollers at you.” Trevor’s lack of understanding that one’s internal state may not match an external state is best explained by the concept of

a.appearance as reality.c.expressive style.

b.egocentrism.d.autobiographical memory.




38.Which statement concerning Piaget’s theory is true?

a.Piaget’s theory has been the source of ideas for teachers and stimulated a great deal of research.

b.Piaget’s theory was never useful for teachers but did stimulate a great deal of research.

c.Piaget’s theory has been the source of ideas for teachers but never stimulated research.

d.Piaget’s theory was never useful for teachers and never stimulated research.




39.Which is not a Piagetian-based implication for teaching?

a.Teachers should provide answers rather than letting students find them on their own.

b.The best teaching experiences are those slightly ahead of a child’s current level of thinking.

c.In order to promote learning, teachers should provide materials with which students can make their own discoveries.

d.Letting students make mistakes is OK, as cognitive development tends to occur when children become aware of errors in their own thinking.




40.One criticism of Piaget’s theory is that it

a.overestimates the cognitive abilities of both infants and adolescents.

b.underestimates the cognitive abilities of both infants and adolescents.

c.overestimates the cognitive abilities of infants and underestimates the abilities of adolescents.

d.underestimates the cognitive abilities of infants and overestimates the abilities of adolescents.





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