31.Binding of ACh with receptor sites the motor end plate

Question : 31.Binding of ACh with receptor sites the motor end plate : 1417070


31.Binding of ACh with receptor sites on the motor end plate opens chemical messenger-gated cation channels in the motor end plate, bringing about depolarization of the motor end plate.

32.The axons controlling skeletal muscles are large and myelinated.

33.Clostridium botulinum toxin inhibits acetylcholinesterase.

34.An EPP is a graded potential.

35.Binding of a neurotransmitter to a beta receptor on the urinary bladder causes the bladder to contract.

36.Sympathetic dominance would be most likely responsible for erection.

37.NE can cause inhibition of certain effectors by functioning as an autonomic antagonist.

38.All cholinergic and some adrenergic receptors are coupled to G proteins.

39.Polio is the most common motor neuron disease.

40.The final common pathway relates to the ability of the nervous system to affect skeletal muscles via motor neurons.

41.Binding of ACh to all muscarinic receptors is excitatory, but binding of Ach to nicotinic receptors may be excitatory or inhibitory.

42.Binding of NE to adrenergic receptors in the adrenal medulla causes the release of epinephrine into the blood.

43.All voluntarily controlled muscle cells contain nicotinic, cholinergic receptors.

44.Any autonomic neuron that conducts impulses out of the CNS will transmit those impulses to a postganglionic neuron.

45.Inhibition of skeletal muscles occurs when a certain neurotransmitter causes IPSPs to develop at the neuromuscular junctions.


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