31.An example of a company exhibiting blue-ocean thinking ________. Amazon's digital

Question : 31.An example of a company exhibiting blue-ocean thinking ________. Amazon's digital : 1410253



31.An example of a company exhibiting blue-ocean thinking is ________.

Amazon's digital music download services

a Starbucks opening in the vicinity of an independent coffee house

Nike's brand image of the "swoosh"

Whirlpool's full line of medium-price appliances supported by good service

Cirque du Soleil's reinvention of the circus as a higher form of modern entertainment




32.There are specific kinds of information that companies need to know about their competitors. The ________ system first identifies the vital types of competitive information and the best sources of this information.

marketing information

global network

competitive intelligence

marketing research





33.Jennifer just hired Tony away from his job with her major competition. She did this, in part, so he might follow that competitor closely to see what it does in the marketplace. Tony is an example of a(n)________ expert.

market leader



market follower





34.Jennifer is doing well in her new position as marketing manager. Having successfully identified and evaluated her major competitors, her company now must design broad competitive marketing strategies by which it can gain competitive advantage through superior ________.

target locations

customer service

employee value

employee service

customer value




35.Not surprisingly, large multi-national companies have large marketing departments. They conduct expensive marketing research, spell out elaborate competitive strategies, and spend huge sums on advertising. These are all called ________ competitive marketing strategies.


red ocean

blue ocean






36.Approaches to marketing strategy and practice often pass through which of the three following stages?

Formulated marketing, intrepreneurial marketing, and innovative marketing

Entrepreneurial marketing, intrepreneurial marketing, and innovative marketing

Entrepreneurial marketing, formulated marketing, and strategic marketing

Entrepreneurial marketing, formulated marketing, and intrepreneurial marketing

Innovative marketing, strategic marketing, and formulated marketing




37.Most companies are started by individuals who live by their wits. They visualize an opportunity, construct flexible strategies on the backs of envelopes, and knock on every door to gain attention. What stage in marketing strategy are these individuals in?

Exponential marketing

Formulated marketing

Entrepreneurial marketing

Intrepreneurial marketing

Innovative marketing




38.Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farm yogurt company stated that "companies can do better with less advertising, less marketing research, more guerrilla marketing, and more acting from the gut." At this point, Hirshberg was following which marketing strategy?

Formulated marketing

Dntrepreneurial marketing

Innovative marketing

Exponential marketing

Intrepreneurial marketing




39.Small companies sometimes succeed in the short run in spite of themselves. They make mistakes but not costly mistakes. Over time, these companies may do a better job scanning market research trying to fine-tune their competitive strategies and programs. These companies are moving toward more ________ marketing.









40.Old, long-established companies can lose the marketing creativity and passion that they once had. If they want to refresh their marketing strategies and try new approaches, they should initiate ________.

network marketing

intrepreneurial marketing

entrepreneurial marketing

formulated marketing

marketing myopia





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