31) Which term refers to the general idea that will

Question : 31) Which term refers to the general idea that will : 1408457


31) Which term refers to the general idea that will be communicated to consumers through an advertisement?

A) advertising appeal

B) message strategy

C) consumer-generated message

D) creative concept

E) message execution

32) Developing an effective message strategy begins with identifying ________ that can be used as advertising appeals.

A) consumer trends

B) competitors' weaknesses

C) competitors' strengths

D) customer benefits

E) consumer emotions

33) ________ tend to be straightforward outlines of benefits and positioning points that the advertiser wants to stress.

A) Promotion mix plans

B) Message strategy statements

C) Creative concept strategies

D) Advertainment statements

E) Branded entertainment plans

34) After creating a message strategy statement, the advertiser must develop a compelling ________ that will bring the message strategy to life in a distinctive and memorable way.

A) creative concept

B) customer strategy

C) customer benefit

D) execution style

E) media vehicle

35) The first step in creating effective advertising messages is ________.

A) selecting specific media vehicles

B) planning a message strategy

C) determining return on advertising investment

D) choosing media timing

E) executing the message

36) Which of the following are the three characteristics that an advertising appeal should have?

A) engaging, informative, and stylish

B) trendy, compelling, and appealing

C) meaningful, believable, and distinctive

D) unique, emotional, and entertaining

E) humorous, memorable, and interesting

37) In its advertisements, Timex promotes its affordable and sturdy watches. Fossil emphasizes style and fashion in its advertisements, and Rolex stresses luxury and status. These are all examples of ________ appeals.

A) rational

B) reminder

C) believable

D) entertainment

E) distinctive

38) Which message execution style depicts average people using a product in an everyday setting?

A) lifestyle

B) scientific evidence

C) slice of life

D) personality symbol

E) testimonial evidence

39) An ad for a new convection oven shows a busy professional woman using the convection oven to cook dinner for her family. Which of the following message execution styles is illustrated in this example?

A) testimonial evidence

B) slice of life

C) fantasy

D) scientific evidence

E) mood or image

40) An ad for Athleta active wear shows a woman in a complex yoga pose and states: "If your body is your temple, build it one piece at a time." This ad uses the ________ execution style.

A) slice-of-life

B) lifestyle

C) fantasy

D) scientific evidence

E) personality symbol



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