31. Which of the following was most likely NOT a

Question : 31. Which of the following was most likely NOT a : 1987720

31. Which of the following was most likely NOT a reason that the peoples who had been conquered by the Aztec were willing to become allies of the conquistadores?

A) They wanted vengeance against the Aztec.

B) They were impressed with the god-like power of the conquistadores.

C) They thought the conquistadores would free them.

D) They hoped to acquire gold and other forms of wealth from the conquistadores.

E) They believed the conquistadores would stop the human sacrifices.

32. The items the Spanish exported from the lands they conquered in the Americas included all of the following EXCEPT

A) silver and gold.

B) horses.

C) pearls.

D) dyes such as indigo.

E) cacao.

33. The Columbian Exchange refers to transformations in what aspect of the Atlantic world?

A) scientific

B) economic

C) medical

D) cultural

E) biological

34. Until the 1600s, the African slave trade was controlled by

A) Europeans.

B) the Spanish.

C) the Songhai Empire.

D) Muslim traders.

E) West African monarchs.

35. In the fifteenth century, Portugal took the lead in exploring an Atlantic route to

A) Asia.

B) North America.

C) the Caribbean.

D) South Africa.

E) North Africa.


36. According to the map, before Portugal established forts along the coast of Africa, trade between Europe and Africa was most likely conducted

A) indirectly via Asia.

B) along Mediterranean routes.

C) along land routes.

D) only rarely.

E) indirectly via islands in the Atlantic.

37. Though West African societies were as diverse as those in the Americas, they were different in that only West Africans

A) had egalitarian societies based in kinship.

B) followed polytheistic religious traditions.

C) practiced Islam.

D) had both patrilineal and matrilineal societies.

E) built urban centers.

38. Why did both the Spanish and the Portuguese eventually enslave Africans to supply labor for them in the Americas?

A) Native Americans had successfully resisted attempts to enslave them.

B) They had captured the Africans as prisoners of war.

C) They were inspired by the systems of slavery they learned about in Africa.

D) Disease had nearly wiped out the indigenous peoples of the lands they conquered.

E) They wanted to take advantage of African knowledge about sugar cultivation.


39. This panel is made of what material that the Benin acquired through trade with Portugal?

A) ivory

B) bronze

C) gold

D) hardwood

E) marble

40. Why did Africans begin raiding their neighboring territories after 1600?

A) The Muslims gave them money for converts to Islam.

B) They needed men for armies to ward off European invaders.

C) The value of slaves had increased.

D) They wanted to repopulate after their own people had died of disease.

E) They wanted to acquire bronze crafts to sell to the Europeans.

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