31) Which of the following observations about RFM and OLAP

Question : 31) Which of the following observations about RFM and OLAP : 1415459


31) Which of the following observations about RFM and OLAP reports is true?

A) RFM is more generic than OLAP.

B) OLAP reports are more dynamic than RFM reports.

C) RFM reports have measures and dimensions.

D) RFM reports can drill down into the data.

32) ________ is the application of statistical techniques to find patterns and relationships among data for classification and prediction.

A) Data optimization

B) Database normalization

C) Data mining

D) Data warehousing

33) Which of the following terms is used as a synonym for data mining?

A) regression analysis

B) data warehousing

C) knowledge discovery in databases

D) parallel processing in databases

34) Which of the following is true of unsupervised data mining?

A) Analysts do not create a model or hypothesis before running the analysis.

B) Neural networks are a popular unsupervised data mining application.

C) Unsupervised data mining requires tools such as regression analysis.

D) Unsupervised data mining requires analysts to fit data to suggested hypotheses.

35) With ________, statistical techniques can identify groups of entities that have similar characteristics.

A) regression analysis

B) cluster analysis

C) expert systems

D) neural networks

36) With ________, data miners develop a model prior to the analysis and apply statistical techniques to data to estimate parameters of the model.

A) cluster analysis

B) unsupervised data mining

C) supervised data mining

D) click streaming

37) Which of the following is an example of a supervised data mining technique?

A) cluster analysis

B) market-basket analysis

C) regression analysis

D) click streaming

38) Which of the following shows the products that customers tend to buy together?

A) regression analysis

B) market-basket analysis

C) neural networks

D) cluster analysis

39) In marketing transactions, the fact that customers who buy product X also buy product Y creates a ________ opportunity. That is, "If they're buying X, sell them Y" or "If they're buying Y, sell them X."

A) cross-selling

B) value added selling

C) break-even

D) portfolio

40) In market-basket terminology, ________ describes the probability that two items will be purchased together.

A) support

B) confidence

C) lift

D) dimension



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