31. Which of the following NOT a physical change that occurs

Question : 31. Which of the following NOT a physical change that occurs : 1411209


31. Which of the following is NOT a physical change that occurs before puberty in boys? 
A. a growth spurt
B. facial hair
C. muscle mass growth
D. All of these are changes that typically occur.

32. The first sign of puberty in boys is 
A. a deepening of the voice
B. enlargement of the testicles
C. pubic hair
D. facial hair

33. According to your text, most parents are _________ about their children's developing sexual nature. 
A. ambivalent
B. terrified
C. punitive
D. enthusiastic

34. Puberty is the time when 
A. boys' status and self-esteem are more closely linked to evaluations from girls than from other boys.
B. a person becomes capable of reproduction.
C. a person enters their teen years.
D. a person becomes a legal adult.

35. Teens are more likely to be sexually active if 
A. their best friends and peers are sexually active.
B. their peers are older.
C. they are using alcohol or drugs.
D. All of these.

36. Which of these is NOT a predictor that a teen will be to be sexually active? 
A. their best friends and peers are sexually active
B. their peers are older
C. they are using alcohol or drugs
D. having older brothers

37. How are the concepts of puberty and adolescence different? 
A. Puberty refers to the capability for reproduction. Adolescence is a social and psychological state.
B. Puberty begins at twelve, whereas adolescence normally begins at fourteen.
C. Teenagers who are dependent, anxious about adult roles, and who are undergoing an identity crisis are called adolescents.
D. Teenagers who are having difficulty adjusting to their gender roles are called adolescents.

38. What percentage of the television shows teens watch every day contains sexual content? 
A. 26%
B. 45%
C. 70%
D. 94%

39. The term __________ is used to describe individuals who are examining their own sexual orientation during adolescence. 
A. bisexual
B. queer
C. questioning
D. ambivalent

40. Some gay men and lesbian women report that they became aware of their "difference" in 
A. early adulthood.
B. early childhood.
C. middle or late childhood.
D. late adolescence.



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