31) Which of the following factors does NOT influence the

Question : 31) Which of the following factors does NOT influence the : 2039788

31) Which of the following factors does NOT influence the climates of New Zealand?

A) rivers

B) latitude

C) moderating effects of the Pacific Ocean

D) proximity to local mountains

E) volcanic peaks

32) Which country of the region of Australia and Oceania signed the Kyoto Protocol in 2007, leaving the U.S. as the only industrialized country that has not signed the agreement?

A) Australia

B) Fiji

C) New Zealand

D) Palau

E) Samoa

33) Tuvalu, Kiribati, and the Marshall Islands are already experiencing disastrous flooding related to global climate change. What has been the response of the people on these islands?

A) They have built polders patterned after those found in the Netherlands.

B) All three have instituted a policy of transmigration, encouraging citizens to move to the center of their island countries.

C) Scientists on these islands have worked together to build a highly advanced sea wall.

D) Several thousand islanders have left their homes and migrated to New Zealand.

E) They have done nothing.

34) What is the largest country (in terms of land area as well as population) in the region encompassing Australia and Oceania?

A) Australia

B) Fiji

C) New Zealand

D) Solomon Islands

E) Vanuatu

35) What is the most highly populated country of the Australia/Oceania region?

A) New Zealand

B) Fiji

C) Papua New Guinea

D) Tasmania

E) Australia

36) What is the approximate population of Australia?

A) 5 million

B) 10 million

C) 15 million

D) 20 million

E) 30 million

37) What is the approximate population of New Zealand?

A) 1 million

B) 4 million

C) 8 million

D) 10 million

E) 12 million

38) What is the second-most populous country in the Australia/Oceania region?

A) Australia

B) Papua New Guinea

C) Fiji

D) Nauru

E) New Zealand

39) Which country of the Australia/Oceania region has the highest population density?

A) Australia

B) New Zealand

C) Nauru

D) Guam

E) Tasmania

40) Why does the population of Nauru cluster together in quasi-urban settings?

A) It is a cultural tradition for them to live in close quarters.

B) The brown tree snake population is so large and dangerous that the island's inhabitants must live in large, fenced, snake-proof compounds.

C) Phosphate mining on the island has left limited room for habitation.

D) They are at war with the Solomon Islands and must live in fortified compounds.

E) The settlements are located at the few sources of water on the island.

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