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31. The U.S. Supreme Court case in 1973 that legalized

Question : 31. The U.S. Supreme Court case in 1973 that legalized : 1998380

31. The U.S. Supreme Court case in 1973 that legalized abortion was ________.

a. Marbury v. Madison

b. Roe v. Wade

c. Buckley v. Valeo

d. Planned Parenthood v. Texas

32. This chemical is linked to the beginning of childbirth and is thought to signal the uterus to begin contractions:

  1. human chorionic gonadotropin
  2. estradiol
  3. corticotrophin-releasing hormone
  4. follicle stimulating hormone

33. Sybil is clearly in stage one labor.  Her midwife knows this because it is characterized by ________.

  1. dilation of the cervix
  2. bleeding
  3. desire to push
  4. delivery of the placenta

34. Although Molly’s first baby was born head-first, in her second delivery, her baby was born feet- or bottom-first. This is called ________.

  1. stillbirth
  2. backward birth
  3. breech birth
  4. cesarean birth

35. A woman would be in second stage labor when ________.

  1. the amniotic sac bursts
  2. the cervix begins to dilate
  3. she begins to experience Braxton Hicks contractions
  4. contractions involve the muscles of the abdomen as well as the uterus

36. An episiotomy is a surgical incision in a woman’s ________.

a. cervix

b. vagina

c. perineum

d. uterus

37. When Patrick was born, the doctor performed a widely used assessment on him immediately after he was delivered called the ________.

  1. APGAR score
  2. SAT
  3. Fetal Response score
  4. hCG score

38. In stage three labor, the ________ is expelled from the uterus with the umbilical cord attached.

  1. cervix
  2. baby
  3. placenta
  4. amnion

39. ________ are hospital-like facilities with basic medical care equipment, that feature a home-like setting and have, as their primary focus, a natural, family- centered approach to the birth process.

  1. Maternity wards
  2. Birthing centers
  3. Health centers
  4. Home birth wards

40. Marsha attended Lamaze classes during her first pregnancy. The Lamaze method teaches women preparing for childbirth ________.

  1. special breathing exercises and relaxation techniques
  2. not to use a physician
  3. how to deliver the baby by yourself
  4. not to use any drugs at all

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