31. The release of bicarbonate ions by the pancreas stimulated

Question : 31. The release of bicarbonate ions by the pancreas stimulated : 1400665


31. The release of bicarbonate ions by the pancreas is stimulated by the hormone ________.

A. gastrin


C. secretin

D. cholecystokinin

32. ________ causes the pancreas to release lipase and the gallbladder to contract and release bile.

A. Cholecystokinin


C. Gastrin

D. Secretin

33. Rose was studying for her final exam. Her mom called out to say that dinner was ready. Rose did not even know that it was dinner time already. She sat down at the table. Hmmm! She could smell the warm rolls, the spaghetti and meatballs. She was hungry now! Which hormone played a role in Rose's physiological response to dinner?


B. ghrelin

C. gastrin

D. secretin

34. Water-soluble nutrients are carried to the liver from the intestine via which of the following?

A. lymphatic vein

B. hepatic vein

C. aorta

D. hepatic portal vein

35. Heartburn results from the improper functioning of which one of the following?

A. upper esophageal sphincter

B. lower esophageal sphincter

C. pyloric sphincter

D. ileocecal valve

36. A burning pain in the stomach is the most common symptom of ________.

A. constipation

B. diarrhea

C. nausea

D. ulcer

37. The high incidence of gallbladder disease in the United States is associated with ________.

A. alcoholism

B. hypertension

C. obesity

D. diabetes

38. Julian's uncle was diagnosed with gallbladder disease. Eventually he had to have his gallbladder removed due to some serious complications. Julian, a biology major, knew that the gallbladder was involved with the storage of bile and that bile was necessary for fat digestion. He wondered what would happen now.

A. His uncle would be asked to avoid all fat for the rest of his life.

B. His uncle's liver would continue to produce bile but it would be secreted directly into the duodenum.

C. His uncle could take bile in the form of a supplement along with his meal.

D. All of the above would happen.

39. Treatment for constipation includes all of the following except

A. a high-fiber diet.

B. regular exercise.

C. taking antibiotics.

D. a high-liquid diet.

40. Andrea was looking fatigued and not very healthy. She was losing weight and often had an upset stomach. She complained of pain in her joints and lately she also noticed a rash on her skin. Her digestive symptoms worsened whenever she ate a meal with bread or pasta. What do you think is most likely to be Andrea's diagnosis?

A. celiac disease

B. irritable bowel syndrome

C. ulcerative colitis

D. Crohn's disease



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