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31) The efforts of the Unitarian Dorothea Dix led to better treatment for: A) alcoholics.


C)the mentally ill.

D)criminals. Answer: C

32) A serious drawback to the reform movement was its: A) aggressive morality.

B)unwillingness to address social problems.

C)belief in the goodness of human nature.

D)engagement in political action.

33) The most successful of the nineteenth-century communitarian movements was: A) Oneida.

B)New Harmony.

C)the Shaker community.


34) The American Colonization Society:

A)focused on sending blacks back to Africa.

B)sought the creation of American economic colonies abroad.

C)wanted an immediate end to slavery.

D)lobbied for rights of free blacks to vote.

35) Southerners were particularly disturbed by free African American writers like David Walker because his Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World: A) encouraged slave rebellion.

B)assumed full equality.

C)insisted on changing the Constitution’s three-fifths rule.

D)advocated public education for blacks.

36) “Taking the pledge” meant: A) adopting a celibate lifestyle.

B)vowing never to engage in prostitution.

C)committing oneself to the ministry.

D)vowing never to drink alcohol.

37) Similar to evangelical preachers in the nineteenth century, northern abolitionists: A) employed a confrontational and personal style.

B)ignored the unconverted.

C)treated their opponents with Christian charity.

D)relied on calm, unemotional rhetoric.

38) Which  of the following has the LEAST in common with the other three?

A)Angelina Grimké

B)William Lloyd Garrison

C)Joseph Smith

D)David Walker

39) The immediate impact of the abolitionist movement on the South was to: A) promote discussion on ending slavery.

B)stifle expressions of dissenting opinion.

C)force a loosening of restrictions on slaves.

D)convince many Southerners to free their slaves.

40) Former president John Quincy Adams was a key figure in what part of the abolitionist movement?

A)the Amistad case

B)publication of The Liberator

C)running for president on the Liberty party ticket

D)organizing the American Colonization Society



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