31) The countries that spend the highest portion of their

Question : 31) The countries that spend the highest portion of their

31) The countries that spend the highest portion of their national income on foreign aid are

A) Denmark and Luxembourg.

B) the United States and Canada.

C) France and Germany.

D) Norway and Sweden.

32) The Human Development Index (HDI) includes all the following except

A) voting rates.

B) education.

C) health.

D) living standards.

33) The Millennium Development Goals include all the following except

A) reduce child mortality.

B) promote gender equality and empower women.

C) provide everyone with good housing.

D) ensure environmental sustainability.

34) Developed countries are usually less energy efficient than developing countries.

35) The amount of energy required to generate a dollar of gross domestic product (GDP) is increasing.

36) Pollution control is a higher priority in rich countries than in poor countries, because poor countries feel they must pursue economic development at all costs.

37) The United States has led the way in securing strict standards on carbon dioxide emissions.

38) To date there has been little international cooperation to deal with the problem of ozone depletion.

39) The United Nations was established following World War I.

40) Because of its economic importance, Japan has been granted permanent membership on the UN Security Council.

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