31. The classic "shock" study of obedience associated with: A. Solomon Asch. B. Stanley Milgram. C. Philip

Question : 31. The classic "shock" study of obedience associated with: A. Solomon Asch. B. Stanley Milgram. C. Philip : 1385819


31. The classic "shock" study of obedience is associated with: 

A. Solomon Asch.

B. Stanley Milgram.

C. Philip Zimbardo.

D. Leon Festinger.

32. Milgram's participants were told that the study concerned: 

A. obedience.

B. visual perception.

C. learning.

D. problem solving.

33. Approximately _____ of the participants in Milgram's experiment were willing to deliver the maximum shock level to the participant. 

A. 35%

B. 50%

C. 65%

D. 75%

34. Which alternative correctly names the psychologist often associated with a given social influence concept? 

A. Conformity - Cialdini

B. Compliance - Asch

C. Obedience - Festinger

D. Obedience - Milgram

Fill in the Blank Questions

35. A social _____ is the set of behavioral expectations associated with a particular social position. 

36. _____ is to conformity as Milgram is to obedience. 

37. _____ is a type of thinking in which group members share such a strong motivation to achieve consensus that they lose the ability to critically evaluate alternative points of view. 

38. A neighbor asks for a small favor; you agree. The following week, he asks for a larger favor. Having previously agreed to the smaller favor, you are now more likely to consent to the larger favor than you would be otherwise. Your neighbor has gained your compliance through the _____ technique. 

39. The norm of _____ is the well accepted societal standard dictating that we should treat other people as they treat us. 

40. Marisol consults with middle managers to determine how decision making may be improved in corporations. Marisol specializes in _____ psychology. 

41. A change in behavior in response to a direct command is termed _____. 


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