31) The ________ values contribution to profit for each variable.

Question : 31) The ________ values contribution to profit for each variable. : 1419428


31) The ________ values are contribution to profit for each variable.


32) The ________ values are computed by multiplying the cj column values by the variable column values and summing.


33) The ________ variable allows for an initial basic feasible solution, but it has no meaning. Therefore, after we get the simplex tableau started, they are discarded in later iterations.


34) In solving a minimization problem, artificial variables are assigned a ________ in the objective function to eliminate them from the final solution.

35) A(n) ________ maximization linear programming problem has an artificial variable in the final simplex tableau where all cj - zj values are less than or equal to zero.


36) In using the simplex method, ________ optimal solutions are identified by cj - zj = 0 for a non-basic variable.


37) A primal maximization model with ≤ constraints converts to a ________ minimization model with constraints.


38) The quantity values on the right-hand side of the primal inequality constraints are the ________ coefficients in the dual.


39) If the primal problem has three constraints, then the corresponding dual problem will have three ________.


40) Whereas the maximization primal model has ≤ constraints, the ________ dual model has ≥ constraints.



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