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31) Texas was finally annexed to the United States:

A)under a joint resolution of Congress pushed through by Tyler.

B)only after Clay won the election of 1844.

C)under a treaty negotiated by Polk.

D)only after the Mexican War ended.

32) During the Mexican War, northern Whigs began to characterize the war as a/an: A) unwinnable conflict.

B)racist plot against a weaker nation.

C)southern conspiracy to expand slavery.

D)Mexican scheme to claim disputed gold fields on the Colorado.

33) As commander-in-chief during the war, James K. Polk defined the role of president by: A) leaving planning and strategy to the military.

B)visiting battle sites to keep morale high.

C)coordinating both civilian and military goals and needs.

D)serving as a battlefield commander and exposing himself to fire.

34) The Mexican-American War began over: A) a border dispute.

B)a dispute over gold.

C)American claims to California.

D)an unprovoked Mexican attack on San Antonio.

35) As part of Northern resistance to the Mexican War, who went to jail rather than pay taxes that might support the war? A) Henry David Thoreau

B)Ralph Waldo Emerson

C)John Slidell

D)Thomas Larkin

36) Americans were able to follow news of the Mexican War because newspapers, for the first time, got battlefield reports: A) from Mexican spies.

B)by telegraph.

C)carried by the Pony Express.

D)in Polk’s press conferences.

37) The first outsiders to penetrate the isolation of Spanish California were: A) French fur traders.

B)American whalers.

C)Russian traders.

D)British merchants.

38) Richard Caton Woodville’s painting, War News from Mexico, implies that: A) only men cared about war news.

B)only those who could read got war news.

C)women and blacks followed war news along with the men.

D)war news had little impact on most readers.

39) The multi-national situation in California in 1848 is illustrated by the fact that gold was found by a/n ______________ working at a mill owned by a/n _____________.

A)American; Russian

B)American; Swiss

C)Californio; American

D)Russian; Californio

40) Like other California immigrants, most of the Chinese: A) quickly assimilated with other local cultures.

B)brought wives and families with them.

C)intended to return home as soon as they made money.

D)came in very small numbers.



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