31) Prothrombin and factor VII ________ A) hormones that regulate the

Question : 31) Prothrombin and factor VII ________ A) hormones that regulate the : 1415628



31) Prothrombin and factor VII are ________

A) hormones that regulate the pH of the blood.

B) proteins that are involved in the coagulation of blood.

C) cofactors of energy metabolism.

D) transport proteins that aid in the absorption of iron.



32) Which of the following is NOT a good source of vitamin K?

A) exposure to sunlight

B) spinach

C) soybean oil

D) intestinal bacteria



33) Which of the following individuals would be at risk for a vitamin K deficiency?

A) a 55-year-old perimenopausal woman

B) a 16-year-old adolescent who drinks 4 to 5 cans of soda each day

C) a 30-year-old with Crohn's disease

D) a 6-year-old child who does not eat any vegetables



34) Vitamin K deficiencies are rare because

A) absorption of vitamin K from dietary sources is close to 100%.

B) most foods contain some vitamin K.

C) intestinal bacteria produce vitamin K.

D) the majority of people take vitamin K supplements.



35) The iron-carrying protein that assists in the transport of oxygen into muscle cells is

A) myoglobin.

B) hemoglobin.

C) hematocrit.

D) hemosiderin.


36) The meat factor is

A) a special quality found in meat, poultry, and fish that enhances iron absorption.

B) the protein carrier needed by the body to absorb dietary manganese, folate, or vitamin B6.

C) a coenzyme involved in the metabolism of protein and fat.

D) the increased absorption of dietary folate by the mother during pregnancy.



37) All of the following are common storage sites for iron EXCEPT the

A) liver.

B) spleen.

C) bone marrow.

D) kidney.



38) Celine visited her doctor to complain about a cut that bled a lot before it clotted. Which of the following deficiencies might cause increased bleeding?

A) vitamin K

B) iron

C) copper

D) zinc



39) Which of the following will impair iron absorption?

A) low amounts of stomach acid

B) low dietary intake of iron

C) iron-deficiency anemia

D) chronic blood loss



40) Bob's physician has just diagnosed him with iron-deficiency anemia. All of the following would be good advice for Bob to utilize more dietary iron EXCEPT

A) eating meat with beans and vegetables.

B) drinking a glass of orange juice with his breakfast cereal.

C) drinking a glass of milk with his iron supplement.

D) cooking his foods in cast-iron pans.




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