31) Pound for pound, ________ the macromolecules that store the

Question : 31) Pound for pound, ________ the macromolecules that store the : 1402896


31) Pound for pound, ________ are the macromolecules that store the greatest amount of energy.


32) The synthesis of ATP that occurs using energy derived from the electron transport system is referred to as ________ phosphorylation.


33) The enzyme located in the inner mitochondrial membrane that synthesizes ATP is known as ________.


3.5   Essay Questions


1) During a triathlon, many individuals reach a point in which their muscles are in oxygen debt, a state characterized by low or no oxygen available for cellular respiration. Describe how oxygen debt would impact energy production in these athletes.


2) In experiments with HeLa cells, you discover that a new chemical agent blocks cell growth by inhibiting protein synthesis. Describe where in the cell the drug is most likely having an effect.

3) If you ingest and digest a meal that contains components necessary for normal body function but too large to be transported across the plasma membrane through pores, by diffusion, or aided by transport proteins, how could the macromolecules enter the cell?




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