31. (p. 27) Within the Freudian framework, a nun who takes a vow

Question : 31. (p. 27) Within the Freudian framework, a nun who takes a vow : 1411434


31. (p. 27) Within the Freudian framework, a nun who takes a vow of celibacy and devotes her life to helping the poor has a: 

A. weak ego.

B. strong id.

C. weak superego.

D. strong superego.

32. (p. 27) Within the Freudian framework, a married man who has an extramarital affair even though he believes it is immoral has: 

A. a strong id.

B. a strong ego.

C. a strong superego.

D. a weak id.

33. (p. 27) Mary is on a business trip and meets an old friend she dated in college. She finds that she is still attracted to him, and something inside her tells her "Go ahead. Invite him up to your room and ravish him." However, Mary is happily married with two young and adorable children. Mary and her old friend end up chatting for a while and then go their separate ways. Which part of Mary's personality prevailed in this situation? 

A. Id

B. Thanatos

C. Superego

D. Libido

34. (p. 27) According to Freud, the id, ego, and superego: 

A. develop sequentially.

B. develop simultaneously.

C. are functional from birth.

D. are present only in males.

35. (p. 28) Which of the following is true of erogenous zones? 

A. They are areas of the body that are completely insensate.

B. They are areas of the body that give pleasure when touched.

C. They are present only in males but not in females.

D. They are present only in females but not in males.

36. (p. 28) According to Freud's psychoanalytic theory, the first stage of psychosexual development a child goes through is the _____ stage. 

A. phallic

B. anal

C. oral

D. genital

37. (p. 28) According to Freud, during the ____ stage of psychosexual development, the child's interest is focused on elimination. 

A. latent

B. phallic

C. anal

D. oral

38. (p. 28) Freud believed that a child passes through a sequence of stages of psychosexual development. The stage where boys and girls have considerably different experiences is the _____ stage. 

A. oral

B. anal

C. phallic

D. rectal

39. (p. 28) The phallic stage: 

A. occurs before the oral stage.

B. is experienced only by girls.

C. is marked by the Odiepal complex.

D. is marked by oral fixation.

40. (p. 28) According to Freud, which of the following is true of the phallic stage? 

A. It is the stage during which a child is focused on elimination.

B. It is the stage during which a boy feels castration anxiety.

C. It is the stage during which a girl displays hostility toward her father.

D. It is the stage during which a boy displays hostility toward his mother.



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