31) One of the forces that impacting the field of

Question : 31) One of the forces that impacting the field of : 1419875


31) One of the forces that is impacting the field of marketing communication is the emergence of alternative media.
31) ______


32) Because nontraditional and alternative media have not produced the results marketers thought it would, companies have cut expenditures on alternative methods and shifted it to traditional media.
32) ______


33) Retailers often maintain channel power by controlling shelf space and purchase data.
33) ______


34) The advancement of the World Wide Web and information technology has caused some channel power shift to consumers. 
34) ______


35) Susan researches the Internet for information about the best brands of stereos. She also has visited Best Buy. This is an example of a shift in power to the retailer. 
35) ______


36) Today's consumers have a variety of choices regarding where they can obtain information about a brand. 
36) ______


37) One new marketing challenge is that consumers can now purchase goods and services from anywhere in the world, which increases competitive forces. 
37) ______


38) In the global mobile phone market, the greatest market share is held by Nokia.
38) ______


39) Brand parity is the belief that multiple brands consist of or offer the same set of attributes and benefits and are of equal quality. 
39) ______


40) In the past Bruce bought Kleenex brand tissues, but has now decided that all of tissues brands are pretty much the same. This is an example of brand parity. 
40) ______




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