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31. Jenna is developing a crisis management plan for her company. Which of the following recommendations in her plan should she change?

a. The recommendation that company executives should quickly appear before the press.

b. The recommendation of sticking to the facts and avoiding speculation

c. The recommendation of identifying and speaking directly to the audience

d. The recommendation that one should say “no comment” for any question.

32. When a company crisis occurs, which of the following is the best tactic for the top management to take when responding to external questions?

a. Avoiding response until all the facts are known

b. Designating someone from staff to respond to avoid limelight

c. Indicating that answer will be sought

d. Withholding certain facts to lessen public concern

33. All external communication with customers should be designed to create goodwill and contribute to customer satisfaction, even when they are protesting loudly at you.

a. True

b. False

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