31) Independent Grocers Alliance, Do-It Best, Western Auto, and True

Question : 31) Independent Grocers Alliance, Do-It Best, Western Auto, and True : 1408417


31) Independent Grocers Alliance, Do-It Best, Western Auto, and True Value are examples of ________.

A) franchise organizations

B) warehouse clubs

C) voluntary chains

D) category killers

E) wholesale clubs

32) In recent years, service differentiation among retailers has ________.

A) increased at a steady rate

B) decreased

C) stayed the same

D) increased exponentially

E) tripled

33) Daizy's is a shop which carries only plus-size clothing. According to this information, Daizy's differentiates itself from its competitors based on ________.

A) service mix

B) pricing

C) product assortment

D) store atmosphere

E) distribution strategy

34) A large retailer of home improvement and construction products offers "how-to" classes for do-it-yourselfers, featuring instructions on how to complete home improvement projects using products sold at its stores. This is an example of how the retailer has differentiated itself through its ________.

A) product assortment

B) services mix

C) segmentation

D) atmosphere

E) pricing

35) An ideal price policy scenario for retailers would be to achieve ________ while charging ________.

A) low volume; high markups

B) low volume; low markups

C) high volume; high markups

D) high volume; low markups

E) high volume; zero markups

36) In-store demonstrations, displays, sales, and loyalty programs are examples of ________.

A) direct marketing

B) sales promotion

C) public relations

D) personal selling

E) affinity marketing

37) Press conferences, speeches, store openings, special events, newsletters, and store magazines are examples of ________ activities used by retailers to promote themselves.

A) public relations

B) sales promotions

C) personal selling

D) affinity marketing

E) social marketing

38) Which of the following is most likely gained by stores that cluster together?

A) decreased competition

B) increased customer pulling power

C) compliance with franchise agreements

D) creation of retailer cooperatives

E) standardization of the service mix

39) ________ were the main form of retail clusters until the 1950s.

A) Strip malls

B) Discount stores

C) Independent off-price retailers

D) Central business districts

E) Regional shopping malls

40) A ________ is a group of retail businesses built on a site that is planned, developed, owned, and managed as a unit.

A) warehouse club

B) franchise

C) shopping center

D) supermarket

E) hypermarket



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