31) In the context of an ERP system, an analyst

Question : 31) In the context of an ERP system, an analyst : 1869667

31) In the context of an ERP system, an analyst works for the ERP vendor or a third party and helps budget, plan, train, configure, and implement the system.

32) In the context of an ERP system, users and analysts are both employees of the firm implementing the system.

33) A systems analyst writes additional code where necessary for implementing an ERP system.

34) An architect is the high-level planner of an information system who ensures the compatibility of technology and directs technology toward strategic goals.

35) One of the shortcomings of using an ERP product is that data sharing does not occur in real time.

36) Implementing an ERP system is harder for an organization that hasn't implemented some type of enterprise system in the past.

37) The configuration decisions that implementation teams must make are usually about item identifiers, order size, and the structure of the BOM.

38) Companies of different sizes have one very important difference that has a major impact on ERP: the availability of skilled business and IT analysts.

39) Small organizations expand IT from one person to a small staff, but frequently this staff is isolated from senior-level management.

40) Midsize organizations have a full IT staff that is headed by the chief information officer.

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