31) In a multitiered network: A) the work of the entire

Question : 31) In a multitiered network: A) the work of the entire : 1927933

31) In a multitiered network:

A) the work of the entire network is centralized.

B) the work of the entire network is balanced over several levels of servers.

C) processing is split between clients and servers.

D) processing is handled by multiple, geographically remote clients.

32) A client computer networked to a server computer, with processing split between the two types of machines, is called a(n) ________ architecture.

A) service-oriented

B) on-demand

C) multitiered client/server

D) two-tiered client/server

33) The primary storage technologies are:

A) storage networks, magnetic tape, magnetic disk, and optical disk.

B) hard drives, magnetic tape, magnetic disk, and optical disk.

C) storage networks, magnetic disks, hard disks, and optical disks.

D) hard drives, removable drives, storage networks, and magnetic tape.

34) Which of the following is a type of optical disk storage?


B) Hard drive

C) USB Flash drive

D) Magnetic tape

35) Which of the following storage technology stores data sequentially?



C) Magnetic disks

D) Magnetic tape

36) A high-speed network dedicated to storage that connects different kinds of storage devices, such as tape libraries and disk arrays so they can be shared by multiple servers, best describes:





37) What type of device gathers data and converts them into electronic form for use by the computer?

A) Output device

B) Input device

C) Optical storage

D) Magnetic storage

38) Which of the following is a device used to collect data directly from the environment for input into a computer system?

A) Sensor

B) Touch screen

C) Audio input

D) Trackball

39) Which of the following is not a type of output device?

A) Speakers

B) Cathode ray tube

C) Ink jet printer

D) Keyboard

40) Which of the following statements is not true about cloud computing?

A) It consists of three types of services: cloud infrastructure, cloud platform, and cloud software.

B) It removes the concern about data and systems security for businesses.

C) It allows smaller firms to use resources previously unaffordable.

D) It relies on the Internet as the platform for delivering services to users.

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