31. How the sex drive and sexual fantasies related? A. The higher the

Question : 31. How the sex drive and sexual fantasies related? A. The higher the : 1411255


31. How are the sex drive and sexual fantasies related? 
A. The higher the sexual drive, the lower the rate of sexual fantasies.
B. The higher the sexual drive, the higher the rate of sexual fantasies.
C. They are not correlated with each other.
D. The higher the rate of sexual fantasies, the lower the sexual drive.

32. Sexual fantasies serve as a(n) ______________ function much the way dreams do. 
A. stimulating
B. guilt-reducing
C. reality-testing
D. expressive

33. A young man is full of vague sexual impulses. As he begins to masturbate, he imagines kissing and being touched by the curvaceous young woman in his math class. This example demonstrates how sexual fantasies 
A. direct and define our erotic goals.
B. are very diffuse and nonspecific.
C. inhibit appropriate interaction with members of the other sex.
D. help lower our overall sexual drive.

34. What percent of women's orgasms are nocturnal? 
A. 1-2%
B. 2-3%
C. 3-4%
D. 5-6%

35. Sex therapists consider fantasies about other lovers while having sex with a partner to be 
A. a sign of relationship problems.
B. a warning sign that the person may be unfaithful.
C. perfectly normal and very typical.
D. reflections of true unmet needs.

36. Erotic dreams that result in sexual climax are known as 
A. nocturnal orgasms/emission.
B. pseudo-orgasmic night arousal.
C. sexmares.
D. cream dreams.

37. Most women who have intensely erotic dreams 
A. feel some guilt and shame about it.
B. take this as a sign of their high sexual drive and seek increased sexual activity in their waking life.
C. easily accept them as simple pleasurable experiences.
D. try to control the content of their dreams.

38. Which of the following statements about masturbation is NOT accurate? 
A. Masturbation is equally prevalent among women and men.
B. Some individuals masturbate to relieve sexual tension.
C. Masturbation occurs throughout the whole life span.
D. Many individuals masturbate when they do not have a regular sexual partner.

39. The ________ educated a person is, the __________ that person is likely to masturbate. 
A. less; more
B. more; less
C. more; more
D. Education and masturbation are not related.

40. Which of the following is a persistent gender difference in autoerotic behavior? 
A. Masturbation is less prevalent among women.
B. Men have fewer erotic dreams than women.
C. Women fantasize about more taboo activities.
D. Men with less education are more accepting of masturbation.



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