31. For which of the following purposes a survey likely

Question : 31. For which of the following purposes a survey likely : 1411843


31. For which of the following purposes is a survey likely to be LEAST useful?

A. Determining students’ attitudes toward their new class president

B. Determining subjects’ opinions about a new amendment

C. Determining subjects’ levels of honesty

D. Determining students’ feelings about homework

32. In the context of descriptive research methods in psychology, _____ are performed mainly by clinical psychologists when, for either practical or ethical reasons, the unique aspects of an individual’s life cannot be duplicated and tested in other individuals.

A. case studies

B. surveys

C. correlational studies

D. experiments

33. Which of the following statements is true about using a case study as a method of descriptive research in psychology?

A. A single case study’s results are generalizable to the entire population.

B. A case study’s subject is unique, with personal history that no one else shares.

C. A case study is most valuable as the last step of the scientific method.

D. A case study cannot include thorough explorations of particular families or social groups.

34. Which of the following scenarios exemplifies a case study as a method of descriptive research in psychology?

A. Professor McGonagall asks all her psychology students to complete a mood survey for extra credit.

B. Dr. Fiennes conducts a series of interviews over the course of a year with a student diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

C. Mr. Pierre, a researcher, observes the study habits of students in the library versus students in the cafeteria.

D. Mrs. Dmitri, a teacher, assigns half her class to computerized instruction and the rest to the traditional classroom.

35. Derek, an Internet activist, committed suicide. Investigators are exploring Derek’s past interactions on Wordbook, a famous social networking site, to discover any information that might reveal the reasons behind his suicide. In this scenario, the research method used by the investigators is most likely the _____.

A. case study

B. interview

C. survey

D. experiment

36. Professor Milton wants to examine the relationship between brain damage and intelligence levels in adults. She wants to know whether brain damage has any relation to intelligence and, if so, what the extent of this relationship is likely to be. Which of the following psychological research methods is likely to be most suitable to Professor Milton’s needs?

A. Case study

B. Survey

C. Correlational research

D. Experimental research

37. Aaron wants to study the association between sleep deprivation and the number of hours spent on a computer every day. He is not keen to establish causation, but would like to determine whether and how the increase or decrease in one variable is related to the increase or decrease in the other variable. Which of the following research methods is likely to be most effective for Aaron’s study?

A. Survey

B. Correlational research

C. Experimental research

D. Case study

38. In psychological research, a correlational study is used to determine:

A. cause and effect between variables.

B. the link between variables.

C. the nature of dependent and independent variables.

D. a measure of central tendency.

39. When psychological researchers use the correlational method to study variables, the degree of relation between two variables is expressed as a numerical value known as _____.

A. correlative conjunction

B. error variance

C. correlational coefficient

D. correlative code

40. When psychological researchers use the correlational method to study variables, a correlation coefficient indicates the _____ between two variables.

A. cause and effect relationship

B. degree of relationship

C. standard deviation

D. validity



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