31) Employers may use time-lapse data for each recruitment method

Question : 31) Employers may use time-lapse data for each recruitment method : 1404288



31) Employers may use time-lapse data for each recruitment method to determine the:

31) ______

A) amount of lead time needed to hire the required number of new employees.

B) number of applicants rejected.

C) number of applicants that must be attracted to hire the required number of new employees.

D) number of applicants failing the recruiting and selecting process.

E) projected turnover rate.


32) Online recruitment:

32) ______

A) increases hiring speed, and therefore increases the costs of vacant positions.

B) reduces hiring speed but does reduce the costs of vacant positions.

C) reduces the use of the Intranet and Internet technology.

D) does increase hiring speed, and therefore reduces the costs of vacant positions.

E) reduces hiring speed because of technological complexities.


33) Online job boards are:

33) ______

A) fast, but not easy.

B) fast, convenient and easy, when the job boards used are large.

C) slow but easy to use.

D) fast, convenient and easy.

E) secure and confidential.


34) Popularity of Internet job boards among job seekers is high due to:

34) ______

A) the technological requirements of the Internet.

B) the number of job postings available on one site.

C) the features of the job boards.

D) they are not popular.

E) the types of job postings available.


35) One problem with Internet job boards is:

35) ______

A) they are vulnerable to privacy breaches.

B) job seekers cannot search multiple job boards with one query.

C) fake job postings lead to resumes copied onto competing job boards.

D) it is difficult to post resumes online.

E) there are no problems.


36) With the overabundance of applicants now found on most online job boards, employers now use:

36) ______

A) application service providers.

B) their own corporate websites to recruit.

C) Monster.ca.

D) workopolis.ca.

E) print advertising.


37) Corporate career Web sites:

37) ______

A) provide a platform that promotes the corporate brand.

B) provide details about the human resource planning.

C) provide links to company advertisements.

D) capture data about the organization.

E) educate the applicant about the industry.


38) Corporate Web sites can help the company create a pool of candidates who have:

38) ______

A) already expressed interest in the organization.

B) already worked with the company.

C) already filled out an application form.

D) replied to a specific ad in print.

E) already been prescreened.


39) Online recruiting must be consistent with the company's overall:

39) ______

A) sales strategy.

B) finance strategy.

C) operations strategy.

D) marketing strategy.

E) business development strategy.


40) Passive job seekers are:

40) ______

A) happily employed in their present job.

B) manufacturing employees.

C) professional employees.

D) looking for a new job.

E) managerial employees.



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