31. Dr. Lin and Dr. Marino both study obesity. Dr. Lin

Question : 31. Dr. Lin and Dr. Marino both study obesity. Dr. Lin : 1385839


31. Dr. Lin and Dr. Marino both study obesity. Dr. Lin relates the likelihood of obesity to levels of the trait of neuroticism - the tendency to experience upsetting emotions. Dr. Marino relates obesity to the frequency with which individuals eat alone, with family members, or in the presence of larger groups of friends, acquaintances, or strangers. Which of the following statements is most likely TRUE regarding the subfields in which Dr. Lin and Dr. Marino specialize?

A. Dr. Marino is a social psychologist.

B. Dr. Lin is a social psychologist.

C. Dr. Marino is a personality psychologist.

D. Dr. Lin is a behavioral psychologist.

32. Central State University's Department of Psychology is considering expanding its doctoral program to include an additional specialty. The department wants to focus on a "growth" area likely to attract federal research funding, as well as up-and-coming new faculty and bright, passionate graduate students. Which of the following specialties should the department consider most closely?

A. Developmental psychology

B. Evolutionary psychology

C. Perceptual psychology

D. Clinical neuropsychology

33. What might be the most controversial aspect of the evolutionary psychology position?

A. They hold the notion that our evolutionary heritage influences our physical characteristics.

B. They promote the idea that our evolutionary heritage might influence aspects of our behavioral and mental processes.

C. Evolutionary psychologists downplay the influence of biological inheritance on thought and behavior.

D. Evolutionary psychologists minimize the role of environmental and social forces.

34. Which of the following areas of psychology focuses on the biological mechanisms that enable inherited behavior to unfold?

A. Clinical neuropsychology

B. Behavioral genetics

C. Cognitive psychology

D. Experimental psychology

35. Which of the following areas is CORRECTLY matched with its description?

A. Evolutionary psychology: focuses on the biological mechanisms enabling inherited behavior to unfold

B. Behavioral genetic: considers how our behavior is influenced by our genetic heritage from our ancestors

C. Clinical neuropsychology: focuses on the biological origin of psychological disorders

D. Behavioral genetics: examines the genetic basis of behavioral disorders

36. Dr. Hart investigates how depressive disorders are related to levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. Dr. Hart's research falls within the field of:

A. clinical neuropsychology.

B. behavioral genetics.

C. cognitive psychology.

D. experimental psychology.

37. Clinical neuropsychology:

A. focuses primarily on educational, social, and career adjustment problems.

B. considers how behavior is influenced by our genetic inheritance from our ancestors.

C. seeks to understand how we might inherit certain behavioral traits.

D. focuses on the origin of psychological disorders in biological factors.

38. Beatriz has just received her doctoral degree in psychology. All else being equal, in which of the following settings is she most likely to find employment?

A. A college/university

B. The military

C. A hospital

D. A large business corporation

39. The local state university has opened a new center devoted to the study and treatment of obesity, a major public health problem in the area. Dr. Nolan is researching the potential of a drug that influences the activity of hunger centers in the brain's hypothalamus. Dr. Osterman attempts to uncover the unconscious conflicts that may spur compulsive eating. Which of the following statements best describes the orientations of these two psychologists?

A. Dr. Nolan is a clinical neuropsychologist; Dr. Osterman is a psychodynamic psychologist.

B. Dr. Nolan is a clinical neuropsychologist; Dr. Osterman is a counseling psychologist.

C. Dr. Nolan is a social psychologist; Dr. Osterman is a humanistic psychologist.

D. Dr. Nolan is a behavioral psychologist; Dr. Osterman is a psychodynamic psychologist.

40. Approximately how many psychologists are there in the United States?

A. 50,000

B. 100,000

C. 300,000

D. 600,000


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