31) A test in which an ambiguous stimulus presented and

Question : 31) A test in which an ambiguous stimulus presented and : 1404300



31) A test in which an ambiguous stimulus is presented and the person taking the test is expected to interpret or react to it is a common type of:

31) ______

A) achievement test.

B) aptitude test.

C) personality test.

D) intelligence test.

E) interest inventory.


32) The screening tool which is most often used by employers in the selection process is:

32) ______

A) interview.

B) interview and personality test.

C) assessment centre.

D) personality test.

E) working sampling.


33) Which of the following statements about personality testing is true?

33) ______

A) The predictive power of personality tests is generally quite low.

B) Personality tests are not very useful for hiring purposes.

C) The "Big Five" personality dimensions include extroversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience.

D) Attainment of the full potential of personality testing relates primarily to the careful analysis of test results.

E) Extroversion is a valid predictor of performance for all occupations.


34) Tests used to measure knowledge and/or proficiency acquired through education, training and experience are known as:

34) ______

A) interest inventories.

B) intelligence tests.

C) aptitude tests.

D) achievement tests.

E) personality tests.


35) Work samples focus on measuring:

35) ______

A) physical abilities only.

B) job performance directly.

C) expert appraisers' evaluations.

D) the "Big Five" personality dimensions.

E) hypothetical situations.


36) Interest inventories are tests that:

36) ______

A) measure basic elements of personality.

B) compare a candidate's interests with those of people in various occupations.

C) apply to extroversion and emotional stability.

D) measure knowledge and/or proficiency.

E) measure job performance directly.


37) The two- to three-day strategy used to assess candidates' management potential is known as:

37) ______

A) a managerial aptitude test.

B) a management assessment centre.

C) a supervisory interest inventory.

D) an in-basket exercise.

E) a leaderless group discussion.


38) Examples of strategies used in a typical assessment centre include all of the following EXCEPT:

38) ______

A) on-the-job training.

B) an in-basket exercise.

C) a leaderless group discussion.

D) individual presentations.

E) objective tests.


39) Assessment centres are:

39) ______

A) useful for predicting success in jobs of all levels.

B) a tool that assesses management potential using a special room with a one-way mirror.

C) a better predictor of performance than any other selection tool.

D) an inexpensive selection strategy.

E) characterized by all of the above.


40) Micro-assessment focuses on:

40) ______

A) group performance.

B) paper-based questions.

C) verbal questions.

D) individual performance.

E) computer-based questions.



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