31) A salesperson clicks repeatedly the online ads of a

Question : 31) A salesperson clicks repeatedly the online ads of a : 1927967

31) A salesperson clicks repeatedly on the online ads of a competitor's in order to drive the competitor's advertising costs up. This is an example of:

A) phishing.

B) pharming.

C) spoofing.

D) click fraud.

32) In 2004, ICQ users were enticed by a sales message from a supposed anti-virus vendor. On the vendor's site, a small program called Mitglieder was downloaded to the user's machine. The program enabled outsiders to infiltrate the user's machine. What type of malware is this an example of?

A) Trojan horse

B) Virus

C) Worm

D) Spyware

33) Redirecting a Web link to a different address is a form of:

A) snooping.

B) spoofing.

C) sniffing.

D) war driving.

34) A keylogger is a type of:

A) worm.

B) Trojan horse.

C) virus.

D) spyware.

35) Hackers create a botnet by:

A) infecting Web search bots with malware.

B) using Web search bots to infect other computers.

C) causing other people's computers to become "zombie" PCs following a master computer.

D) infecting corporate servers with "zombie" Trojan horses that allow undetected access through a back door.

36) Using numerous computers to inundate and overwhelm the network from numerous launch points is called a(n) ________ attack.


B) DoS

C) SQL injection

D) phishing

37) Which of the following is not an example of a computer used as a target of crime?

A) Knowingly accessing a protected computer to commit fraud

B) Accessing a computer system without authority

C) Illegally accessing stored electronic communication

D) Threatening to cause damage to a protected computer

38) Which of the following is not an example of a computer used as an instrument of crime?

A) Theft of trade secrets

B) Intentionally attempting to intercept electronic communication

C) Unauthorized copying of software

D) Breaching the confidentiality of protected computerized data

39) Phishing is a form of:

A) spoofing.

B) logging.

C) sniffing.

D) driving.

40) An example of phishing is:

A) setting up a bogus Wi-Fi hot spot.

B) setting up a fake medical Web site that asks users for confidential information.

C) pretending to be a utility company's employee in order to garner information from that company about their security system.

D) sending bulk e-mail that asks for financial aid under a false pretext.

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