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31) A revocable living trust is one that cannot be changed during a person's lifetime.

32) By using a revocable trust, you can avoid the probate process.

33) Any money donated from an estate to charitable organizations is given after estate taxes are paid.

34) A living will is a simple legal document in which individuals specify their preferences if they become mentally or physically disabled.

35) Powers of attorney are the part of the will that gives authority to another person should you become incapacitated.

36) Granting a durable power of attorney allows the authorized individual to overrule health care facilities' decisions about your health.

37) If two wills are later found to exist, the will with the most recent date will be the invalid will.

38) Prince Edward Island has preferential share for spouses.

39) If you have a will and pass away, it means that you die intestate.

40) If you die intestate, the police department will appoint a person to distribute your estate.

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