31) A formal group of organization members who interact with

Question : 31) A formal group of organization members who interact with : 1414488


31) A formal group of organization members who interact with one another to accomplish some nonroutine task is a/an ________.

A) lobby

B) command group

C) interest group

D) task group

E) in-group

32) Two formal groups that are often established in organizations are ________ and ________.

A) transitory groups; recurrent groups

B) interest groups; committees

C) in-groups; out-groups

D) committees; work teams

E) interest groups; work teams

33) Which of the following would be an example of a task group?

A) a group meeting to prepare the routine financial reports

B) a group set up to consider the feasibility of a new product

C) a group of employees forming an exercise group

D) a group of supervisors responsible for scheduling weekly work

E) a group of students coming together because of their music preferences

34) Which of the following statements about a task groups is true?

A) they typically handle routine organizational activities

B) they are a formal group outlined in the chain of command on an organizational chart

C) they are usually made up of members on the same organizational level

D) they cannot consist of people from different levels in the organizational hierarchy

E) interest group is a task group often established in organizations

35) A task group charged with performing some type of specific activity is a(n) ________.

A) committee

B) command group

C) in-group

D) transitory group

E) interest group

36) Which of the following is one of the major reasons to establish a committee?

A) to obtain status and social satisfaction that people might not enjoy without group membership

B) to perpetuate social and cultural values that group members consider important

C) to encourage groupthink

D) to handle routine organizational activities

E) to develop new ideas for solving existing organizational problems

37) One of the benefits of utilizing committees is that ________.

A) the decision-making process is much quicker than individual decision-making

B) there is no limit on the size of the committee

C) a committee does need a leader or a secretary

D) committees improve the quality of decision-making

E) decision-makers don't have to represent the group they come from

38) According to the study conducted by McLeod and Jones, why did managers favor committees?

A) they could blame committees for their own failures

B) they got more information from committees than other organizational sources

C) the information they got from committees was more valuable than from other sources

D) committees arrive at solutions to problems more quickly

E) most executives do not favor committees or do not display qualified acceptance of them

39) Which of the following is a purely procedural step that could be taken to increase the probability that a committee will be successful?

A) rephrasing ideas already expressed

B) specifying the authority of the committee

C) bringing all members into active participation

D) stimulating further thought by members

E) keeping the goals of the group flexible

40) Peter Parker, the HR vice president of a well-known IT firm, called his team members for a meeting to  discuss the measures to be taken by the company to fight recession. Peter suggested downsizing the workforce and also cutting salaries and benefits of the rest of the employees. Peter's team reached a consensus without critically testing, analyzing, and evaluating his ideas. This is an example of ________. 

A) groupthink

B) double think

C) cognitive dissonance

D) group polarization

E) collective intelligence



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