31) A folksonomy content structure that has emerged from processing

Question : 31) A folksonomy content structure that has emerged from processing : 1331377


31) A folksonomy is content structure that has emerged from processing many user tags.

32) According to McAfee's Enterprise 2.0 model, the process in which workers want applications to enable them to rate tagged content and to use the tags to predict content that will be of interest to them is called extensions.

33) According to McAfee's Enterprise 2.0 model, pushing enterprise content to users based on subscriptions and alerts is part of tagging.

34) Since the benefits of Enterprise 2.0 result from emergence, there is no way to control for either effectiveness or efficiency.

35) Capital is defined as the investment of resources for future profit.

36) Social capital is the investment in human knowledge and skills for future profit.

37) Being linked to a network of highly regarded contacts is a form of social credential.

38) The value of social capital is determined by the number of relationships in a social network, by the strength of those relationships, and by the resources controlled by those related.

39) Social capital can be gained by limiting the number of friends.

40) To an organization, the strength of a relationship is the likelihood that the entity in the relationship will do something that benefits the organization.

41) A social media policy is a statement that delineates employees' rights and responsibilities.

42) If a reasoned, nondefensive response generates continued and unreasonable user-generated content from that same source, it is best for the organization to delete it.

43) In the context of Customer Relationship Management (CRM), social media means that the vendor loses control of the customer relationship.

44) In the context of management, transcendence means loss of control of employees.



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