301.The first step in the selection process is: A. obtaining complete application

Question : 301.The first step in the selection process is: A. obtaining complete application : 1407025


301.The first step in the selection process is: 

A. obtaining complete application forms.

B. placing a help wanted ad.

C. the initial interview.

D. aptitude testing.

302.During the employee selection process, the screening interview is often conducted by: 

A. the current workers in the applicant's department.

B. a member of the human resources department staff.

C. a selection committee consisting of managers from all departments within the organization.

D. the company's affirmative action officer.

303.One way firms have made the application process more efficient and effective is by: 

A. concentrating on internal sources of recruitment so that detailed information is already available.

B. including more questions on the application form about family background and other characteristics that are not job-related.

C. using an artificial intelligence program such as Workforce Acquisition™ to quickly assess qualifications and help the manager decide whether to request an interview with the applicant.

D. offering small monetary rewards to existing employees who recommend new people that are ultimately made a job offer.

304.One of the main complaints made by critics of employment tests is that these tests: 

A. fail to take the interests and personalities of the test takers into account.

B. cannot measure basic competencies.

C. may discriminate against certain groups.

D. take so long to conduct and evaluate that they slow down the selection process.

305.A _________________ is a check of a potential employee's work record, academic record, credit history, and recommendations. 

A. personality profile

B. background investigation

C. fidelity appraisal

D. character review

306.As an important step in the human resource selection process, which of the following will expedite the process of conducting background investigations and promises to get suitable results? 

A. Hiring services such as LexisNexis to conduct criminal checks and driving records.

B. Dedicating one human resource expert to making personal calls and doing all the background checks.

C. Minimalizing the types of questions the company asks at this juncture.

D. If there is a need to skip one of the selection process steps, most companies have found that this one can be eliminated.

307.According to the American with Disabilities Act, which of the following is not an appropriate screening tool? 

A. job related knowledge tests

B. personality tests

C. background investigations

D. medical exams

308._____________ workers do not have the expectation of regular, full-time employment. 

A. Contingent

B. Apprenticed

C. Indentured

D. Underemployed

309.The selection process may include a(n) _____________, where employment is only guaranteed for a specified period of time, until either a permanent offer is extended or the employee is discharged. 

A. intern period

B. probationary period

C. contingent period

D. action pending period

310.Employment testing: 

A. was declared illegal by the EEOC in 1989, because it was often used to discriminate against women and minorities.

B. is legal, but is a very poor predictor of worker performance.

C. should be directly related to the job.

D. should focus on the most basic and general skills rather than on skills directly related to the job.



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