3) With the National Ballet's impending move to new quarters

Question : 3) With the National Ballet's impending move to new quarters : 2007967

3) With the National Ballet's impending move to new quarters soon, attention has also been focused to a greater degree than usual on the Royal Winnipeg Ballet. The Royal Winnipeg Ballet originally had its origins in a ballet club with its organization started in 1938 by means of two immigrant English dance teachers. Its first public appearance before an audience was to a specialized audience in a pageant appearance for a royal visit to Winnipeg by the King and Queen of England, King George IV and Queen Elizabeth. The visit took place in June, 1939, and the pageant was a planned part of the royal visit. Although the Winnipeg Ballet Company became the first ballet company in the Commonwealth to be granted a royal charter, because of the fact that there was a disastrous and damaging fire which destroyed much of their costumes, props, music and performance space, it almost was destroyed as a ballet company a year later. Years later, at this point in time, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company of Dancers is known for what many critics have called "prairie-freshness," but, also for a widely diverse repertoire, performing many different styles of ballet in a touring company that has relatively few dancers and is not by any means large.

4) Lacrosse has for a long period of time been thought to be Canada's national game, due to the fact that a French missionary to Canada's Aboriginal people, Jean de Brébeuf, is thought to have named it lacrosse for the reason that the sticks that were being used by the players made him think of bishops' crosses, or 'croziers,' hence "la crosse," and also because of the fact that in 1867 in Kingston, an organization called the National Lacrosse Organization was formed. Lacrosse was, at this point in time, most certainly the most widely-played game nationally, but was subsequently replaced in the early decades afterwards by baseball, football, and hockey. Although Brébeuf, a European, named the game for the sticks that the players were using, the players themselves, who were the Aboriginal peoples, had their own name for the game, a name which focused not on the sticks, but on the balls. That name was "baggataway," a name having its derivation from the Ojibwa word "paqaadowewin," a word that means "ball." Lacrosse is now played indoors, in an indoor arena the size of a hockey arena, in fact, usually in hockey arenas, but originally, the Aboriginal peoples did not play it indoors, but they played it outdoors, and the game they played would last for days. The game of lacrosse, at the present time, is having an increase in interest paid to it, with the biggest lacrosse associations in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario.

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