3) Ravi and his friends after graduation decided to take

Question : 3) Ravi and his friends after graduation decided to take : 2007963

3) Ravi and his friends after graduation decided to take an extended celebration roadtrip. They decided to drive to Montreal and Quebec city. To visit night clubs and partying. It's there last time alltogether before starting at jobs, and settling down. Sharing expenses and driving. They rented a van, and set off on a bright summer day. Things began to go immediately wrong. The van broke down, their hotel reservation was lost, one of the friends got food poisoning. Each one encountered an obstacle they had to overcome. However, sharing these difficulties paradoxically strengthened they're freindship. Everyone returned home a little the worse for wear but they had great memories.

4) Mary Richards is a librarian. Who is called Mary Prunella Clapsaddle Jones by her close friends. Because she collects strange names as other people collect rare stamps. Working in a library, many possibilities for her collection come across her desk daily. Since she works in circulation. She rights the oddest names down in a special book she keeps in her desk. The book of odd names have become a great resource for friends looking for names for both children and pets. Although most often warning parents against unusual names for there children. While amusing, odd names can cause problems later in life.

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