291.Preferred Pet Care, Inc., a mobile veterinary care company planning

Question : 291.Preferred Pet Care, Inc., a mobile veterinary care company planning



291.Preferred Pet Care, Inc., a mobile veterinary care company is planning for the future. As a business student who has studied social trends, which of the following statements reflects the need for Preferred Pet Care's service in the future? 

A.Mobile pet care will not be needed because the majority of people are working which means that nobody is home.


B.People will always prefer to take their pets to the veterinary clinic.


C.The aging population will be a sizeable market for this firm.


D.People who would require this service would be higher income individuals. Retired people would not be a market for this firm because they do not have money to care for pets.

People are living longer and living longer in their homes. There are many business opportunities to serve the aging population. As pets have become important family members, the aging population is likely to be a sizeable market for pet care and in-home pet care.




292.The global environment, a new frontier. far reaching and affects all the other business environments. shrinking.


D.has not affected the United States due to its strong gross domestic product.





293.The threat of terrorism more often __________ the cost of operating a business. 












294.The war on terrorism will: 

A.improve the confidence level of most consumers.


B.hurt the profitability of every business operating in the U.S. some businesses and hurt others.


D.stabilize the business sector.





295.An increase in global trade will: 

A.increase prices.


B.decrease jobs.


C.increase political instability.


D.increase global competition.






A.has greatly improved living standards around the world.


B.has significantly reduced living standards around the world.


C.has opened doors to only a handful of markets.


D.has greatly changed companies that hire people to sell products, but not for companies that hire people to provide services.





297.Greening refers to: 

A.the need for more carbon dioxide in our air.


B.firms acquiring more green backs (U.S. dollars) from world trade.


C.finding ways to lessen the harm on our environment.


D.the agricultural industry's push to develop and produce new green vegetables to feed the world.





298.Efficiency in distribution systems around the world has led to: 

A.increased world trade.


B.decreased world trade.


C.decreased international competition.


D.reduced standards of living around the world.

Two things that have led to more trade are improvements in transportation and communication including more efficient distribution systems.




299.Airline companies around the world are experiencing increased costs in part due to __________. 

A.decreases in the cost of fuel


B.decreasing world trade


C.the threat of terrorism


D.lack of interest in flying

The threat of terrorism has led to increased costs for airlines. They have had to install stronger cockpit doors, buy more security equipment, and hire new security personnel.




300.The war on terrorism in many parts of the world should lead to _____. decrease in warring nations


B.consumers spending more because they feel more patriotic increase in prosperity and peace throughout the world


D.consumer and economic hardship due to increased military spending

The war on terrorism will cause hardships for consumers and the economy due to the movement of government funds from social programs and issues to military spending.





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