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281.The social security system, 

A.continues to burden businesses due to the fact that businesses must provide and pay for this benefit for their employees.


B.met the needs of our nation when it was conceived, but needs an overhaul.


C.will continue to serve the needs of U.S. citizens into the distant future, due to the fact that there are so few retirees placing a strain on it. failing because the U.S. government failed to invest the money that employees contributed.





282.People between the ages of 65 and 74 represent: 

A.the unemployed generation


B.the single-parent family generation


C.a lucrative market


D.a group that has never contributed to social security





283.Businesses are supporting single-parent families with: security benefits.


B.a more lenient welfare system.


C.more flexible work benefits such as flex time and family leave. benefits due to the declining numbers of these families. Five-member families are steadily growing.





284.Which of the statements about demography is most accurate? Demographic studies: 

A.focus on factors that have great political relevance, but little relevance to business firms.


B.suggest that the number of single-parent families will decline in the future.


C.provide businesses and individuals with insights into business and career opportunities for the future.


D.are an important source of information about changes in health patterns.

Demography is the statistical study of the human population to learn its size, density, and characteristics. Demographics can provide important insights into which markets are growing and which are declining.




285.Which of the following business policies would most likely help a single-parent family? 

A.Requiring the employee to work regularly scheduled hours each day.


B.Allowing sick leave to be used only if the employee is ill.


C.Requiring education outside of regular business hours to help the employee advance.


D.Allowing family leave and flextime.

Single parents have encouraged businesses to implement programs such as family leave (where workers can take time off to attend to a sick child) and flextime (where workers can come in or leave at selected times).




286.The immigrant population (both legal and illegal) is having a dramatic effect on and truck makers


B.mining and minerals industry


C.schools, hospitals and other services type industries cream and confection industry

The service industry is greatly impacted by immigration. As the immigrant population increases, more social services are needed, particularly health services and education services. The government costs have increased due to the need for accommodations in several different languages.




287.Retired people will be draining the U.S. economy of wealth. This is due to: 

A.The fact that most have smoked all their lives and now are unwilling to pay for healthcare in order to stay alive.


B.The fact there are not enough workers in subsequent generations to support the ongoing drain of older persons into the social security system.


C.Their lack of interest in supporting restaurants, resorts, educational institutions, and service-intensive companies.


D.The fact that they refuse to use current information technology to improve efficiency.

A particular situation that will be negatively impacting the social environment is the number of aging Americans and the drain on the social security system. Today's workers pay for today's retirees. When the system was enacted in 1940, there were 42 workers for each retiree. Today the ratio has become much smaller. With baby-boomers retiring, the ratio is more like two workers for every one retiree. Soon it is predicted that less money will be going into the social security system than money coming out.




288.If you were to discuss and analyze the social changes affecting the future of business, which of the following statements should be part of that conversation? 

A.It is becoming more difficult to provide expert pre-natal care for women, resulting in a negative impact on the future of live births.


B.The increase in older citizens may impact an employee's take-home pay if programs such as Social Security will need to be funded at a higher level. Skilled employees may require higher wages to make up the shortfall.


C.With less money to spend, older Americans between the ages of 65 and 74 will no longer require transportation, entertainment, education, and lodging. This is highly likely to negatively impact these industries.


D.Business taxes are very likely to spike (rise quickly) due to the fact that welfare laws are making it relatively easy for single parents to stay home with their children, rather than find jobs. Taxes will have to support parents choosing the stay-at-home lifestyle.

The increasing rate and number of retiring workers have impacted the U.S. Social Security system put in place by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1940s. It is currently a hot topic affecting the social environment of businesses how much of their earnings current employees will need to contribute or whether current employees should have to contribute to this system. Many young employees speculate that the Social Security fund will run out of money by the time they are ready to retire.




289.Jill is looking into the possibility of opening up a day care center in her community, because she is aware of many single-parent families that need a place for their children to stay while the parents work. She is concerned about the long-term prospects for such a business. Jill believes the future of her center will depend on whether birth rates and the number of single-parent families remain high. These concerns illustrate how businesses can be affected by: 

A.econometric trends.


B.demographic trends.


C.holographic trends.


D.psychometric trends.

Demography is the statistical study of the human population to learn its size, density and characteristics. Birth rates and the number of single-parent families are both demographic factors.




290.St. Claire Hospital is considering a program that would allow some of its workers to use flextime. One group of workers who would probably benefit from flextime is: 

A.Workers who do not have access to computers at home.


B.Workers who have little self-motivation to work eight-hour days.


C.Front-line workers who frequently go out to meet with home furnishing designers.


D.Single-parent families.

Flextime is the practice of coming in or leaving work at selected times. This allows workers with young children the flexibility they often need.





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