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Question : 271.Which of the following should form the foundation of a


271.Which of the following should form the foundation of a firm's control system?
A. Accounting and finance
B. Marketing and production
C. Human resources and finance
D. Computing and production

272.__________ are units within an organization that receive services from other units within the organization.
A. End-users
B. Internal customers
C. Third-party distribution centers
D. Profit centers

273.__________ include dealers, who buy products to sell to others, and ultimate customers who buy products for their own personal use.
A. End users
B. External customers
C. Internal customers
D. Distribution centers

274.Ho Han has just spent two hours going over quality reports to determine whether his department is meeting quality standards he set for the current month. Ho's efforts are part of the ___________ function of management.
A. planning
B. organizing
C. directing
D. controlling

275.Pam is a sales manager for Paradise Beauty Products. She has told her sales people that she expects each of them to increase their customer contacts by at least 5 percent in the next month. Pam has set a(n):
A. procedural policy.
B. functional objective.
C. policy guide.
D. performance standard.

276.Which of the following is a clear performance standard?
A. Bring about a significant improvement in the morale of all workers.
B. Decrease the number of products rejected due to manufacturing defects by 10% over the next 6 months.
C. Completely eliminate all customer complaints.
D. Make secretaries more efficient.

277.Two years ago, Travis started his own restaurant supply company, serving the greater Chicago area. Until recently, he has never concerned himself with establishing a formal control system. Now, with a recession looming, he is experiencing cost conscious restaurant owners. He has decided that a formal control system is needed. The first step Travis should take is:
A. draw up a formal organization chart.
B. talk to his banker to set financial goals.
C. devise a set of clear performance standards.
D. design an accident report form so that he can keep accurate records of all accidents that occur.

278.Idle Time Gaming, Inc., has established clear standards of performance for its latest video game that will involve physical challenges such as hand-eye coordination and the player’s ability to react quickly.  After a significant amount of testing, the results are compared to the previously established development standards.  If necessary, the engineering team will correct deficiencies before the game is tested by customers.  These activities are part of the _____________ of management.
A. organizing function
B. control function
C. leading function
D. planning function

279.As a middle manager for her firm, Tori just finished comparing the results of a promotional campaign with the outcome expectations. The next step in the control process is:
A. monitor and record actual performance.
B. set up contingency plans.
C. communicate results and deviations with management and employees involved.
D. establish discipline committees to decide on dismissals.

280.Harper is a sales rep for an eyeglass company. The company is always on the cutting edge of trendy designs. In her job, she frequently relies on the marketing department to provide her with information and materials. When using customer satisfaction to judge the success of their company, Harper's managers should:
A. ignore Harper's satisfaction, since she is an employee rather than a customer.
B. take Harper's satisfaction into account, because customers can be internal as well as external.
C. consider Harper's satisfaction, but place less emphasis it than on the satisfaction of a stockholder, since she is an external customer.
D. only consider Harper's satisfaction if she has worked in the same job for at least 2 years.

281.Customers who shop on™ find it helpful to read the customer reviews associated with products that others have purchased.  After making a purchase, the customer can go to Amazon’s website and post his/her opinion of the product recently purchased.  This strategy not only assists other customers with their decision making, it helps Amazon react more quickly to the performance of the products it sells.  Which of the following statements attests to the value of this service?
A. This action provides for complete transparency of company financial performance.
B. This action supports a key criterion of the control function: the measurement of customer satisfaction.
C. This action provides for better tactical planning, particularly the budgeting process.
D. This action supports the premise of recruiting, hiring, and motivating the employees who believe in social media and other ways to reach customers.

282.When establishing criteria to measure the success of a customer-oriented business, managers should:
A. limit their attention to financial measures such as profit and return on investment since these are the only objective and quantifiable measures available.
B. focus most of their attention on measures of employee satisfaction, since without good employees the firm will not be competitive.
C. focus primarily on financial measures, but pay some attention to non-financial concerns.
D. recognize that, while financial measures are important and should be considered, the purpose of the firm is to satisfy both internal and external customers.



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