27. An individual who has strong personal magnetism: a. relies formal authority to

Question : 27. An individual who has strong personal magnetism: a. relies formal authority to : 1342385



27. An individual who has strong personal magnetism:

 a. relies on formal authority to influence others.

 b. influences others by breaking down their defenses.

 c. is likely to draw a lot of enemies to him or her.

 d. influences others by being captivating and charming.

28. The purpose of forming a coalition is to:

 a. ingratiate yourself with other people.

 b. combine your power with that of others.

 c. impress others by the number of people in your network.

 d. legitimize your requests.

29. Team play can be an influence tactic when a person:

 a. develops a large network.

 b. gets others to work as a team but is a solo player himself or herself.

 c. is more concerned about collaboration than tough-mindedness.

 d. behaves as an authoritarian leader.

30. Derek is a hands-on leader, so he is likely to:

 a. put his arms around the shoulders of a group member.

 b. answer his own email.

 c. telephone his boss frequently.

 d. get involved directly in solving customer problems.

31. At which of the following levels in an organization, is hands-on leadership usually expected?

 a. Manegerial level

 b. Shareholder level

 c. Contract employee level

 d. Level below the executive category

32. An example of Machiavellianism would be for a manager to tell a group member that he must:

 a. work every Saturday to be evaluated as a good team player.

 b. accomplish goals that fit the company's strategic goals.

 c. conform with company rules and regulations.

 d. have lunch together to discuss a new software system.

33. Oscar engages in debasement when he tells the person he is trying to influence :

 a. "You are well dressed today."

 b. "Scientific evidence suggests that my position is correct."

 c. "How important is your paycheck to you?"

 d. "I may not be well informed, but here is my opinion."

34. A good example of ingratiation when dealing with a person you are trying to influence would be for you to:

 a. praise that person lavishly.

 b. ignore his or her first three demands.

 c. mention your power contacts.

 d. stretch the truth to look good.

35. When ingratiation takes the form of well-deserved flattery or compliments, it is a _____ influence tactic.

 a. negative

 b. positive

 c. mixed

 d. exaggerated

36. Joking or kidding is often used as an influence tactic when:

 a. dealing with undermotivated people.

 b. being direct might be interpreted as being too harsh.

 c. dealing with people of higher rank.

 d. a person wants to be unusually ethical and straightforward.


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