26.Vitamin D can be produced by the ____________________ upon exposure

Question : 26.Vitamin D can be produced by the ____________________ upon exposure : 1417413


26.Vitamin D can be produced by the ____________________ upon exposure to sunlight.

27.Vitamin D must be activated by the ____________________ and ____________________.

28.The ____________________ cells of the thyroid secrete the Ca2+-regulating hormone ____________________.

29.The binding of RANKL to RANK causes ___________ (name of cells) to differentiate into ___________ (name of cells)

30.In the formation of steroidal hormones, cholesterol is first converted to __________.

31.Transcortin is a globulin protein in the blood that binds to and transports the hormone ________.

32._________ is the hormone that interferes with almost every aspect of inflammation.

33.Long-term exposure to injected corticosteroids can cause the adrenal glands to atrophy (shrink in size) because the supplemented corticosteroids cause less ________ to be secreted, and this hormone is needed to maintain the health of the adrenal gland.

34.Norepinephrine binds predominantly with _____ and ______ receptors located near postganglionic sympathetic fiber terminals.

35.In addition to the same receptors to which norepinephrine binds, epinephrine binds to _______ receptors, over which the sympathetic nervous system exerts little influence.


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