26)The connotation of the word the emotional meaning that the

Question : 26)The connotation of the word the emotional meaning that the : 1977085

26)The connotation of the word is the emotional meaning that the speaker/listener assigns to a word.

27)Concrete terms refer to objects, people, and happenings that you perceive with your senses of sight, smell, touch, hearing, or taste.

28)Deborah Tannen says that issuing orders indirectly can be the prerogative of those in power.

29)Rejection and disconfirmation are essentially the same thing.

30)Some of the terms that were used to label major movements in art were originally derogatory.

31)"You are now either taking a test or you are not taking a test." This statement is an example of appropriate polarization.

32)Extensional orientation is the tendency to stretch meanings beyond their original intent.

33)There is nothing wrong with making inferential statements.

34)The cultural context will influence whether a meaning is friendly or not.

35)Heterosexism is language used to disparage heterosexuals.

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