26. Which of the following not a constituency-building strategy tool? A.

Question : 26. Which of the following not a constituency-building strategy tool? A. : 1800971

26. Which of the following is not a constituency-building strategy tool?

A. Expert witness testimony.

B. Advocacy advertising.

C. Public relations.

D. Legal challenges.

27. The information strategy tool most used by business is:

A. Political contributions.

B. Lobbying.

C. Legal challenges.

D. Direct communication.

28. Lobbyists, under U.S. law, must disclose their:

A. Political affiliation and expenses.

B. Earnings.

C. Expenses.

D. Earnings and expenses.

29. Since 1998, the total amount spent on lobbying activity has increased about:

A. 12 percent.

B. 32 percent.

C. 57 percent.

D. 72 percent.

30. Hiring former government officials for positions in the corporate world is:

A.Normally legal.

B.Always unethical.

C.Considered unethical by over 50% of Americans.

D.  A and C, but not B.

31. Businesses promote an information strategy by inviting government leaders to:

A. Visit local plant facilities.

B. Attend company award ceremonies.

C. Give speeches to employees.

D. All of the above.

32. One of the most effective organizations promoting direct communications between business and policymakers is:

A. The Knights of the Roundtable.

B. The Business Roundtable.

C. The Government Partnership Roundtable.

D. The Strategic Roundtable.

33. Expert witness testimony is often provided:

A. Through company newsletters.

B. On the steps of the White House.

C. In Congressional hearings.

D. In The Wall Street Journal.

34. One of the most common financial-incentive strategy tools is:

A. Political action committee contributions.

B. Political consulting aid.

C. Advocacy advertising.

D. Lobbying.

35. Companies have been permitted to contribute to political action committees since:

A. The early 1950s.

B. The mid-1970s.

C. The mid-1980s.

D. Never, they are prohibited by U.S. law.

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