23.1   True/False 1) Where information concerned, specifying structure as essential as

Question : 23.1   True/False 1) Where information concerned, specifying structure as essential as : 1907264

23.1   True/False

1) Where information is concerned, specifying structure is as essential as specifying content.

2) Organizing email correspondence, digital photos, and MP3 collections into folders and subfolders is an example of keeping the information structured so we can effectively use it.

3) For processes such as debugging and formulating a password, there are deterministic, guaranteed-to-yield-a-solution rules.

4) As a contributor to lifelong learning, trying to solve our own problems and asking for help when we’re truly stuck can contribute to greater understanding.

5) Skills require very little detailed knowledge, while basic concepts are highly detailed.

6) Thinking abstractly about technology implies an adaptive approach to learning.

23.2   Multiple Choice

1) Fluency knowledge consists of:

A) skills, concepts, and capabilities

B) skills, designs, and specifications

C) capabilities, creativity, and commitment

D) all of the above

2) Capabilities:

A) are much more detailed in comparison to skills

B) are primarily approaches to thinking

C) require a great deal of recall

D) all of the above

3) Learning computing throughout life requires:

A) retaining old technology for reference

B) being able to work independently without assistance

C) noticing new ideas and technology as they arise

D) all of the above

23.3   Short Answer

1) An overarching theme of this textbook  is that precision and the directed application of logical ________ can solve problems great and small, algorithmic and nonalgorithmic.

2) Our Fluency study allows us to remember less, rather than requiring us to remember more. We remember less detail because we remember the ________ instead.

3) To learn about and apply upcoming advances in IT requires skepticism and ________.

4) Making sure you can ________ the error was the first step listed in the textbook’s

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