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226. Attachment styles continue into adulthood and affect the nature of relationships.

227. There is no correlation between attachment style and the nature of care most adults give to their partners.

228. Canadians, on average, are now choosing to get married later in life.

229. One of the primary questions young adults face is whether to marry.

230. Fewer Canadian citizens are married now than any other time in the last three decades.

231. Deciding to delay marriage until later in life in part reflects economic and career concerns.

232. The median age for Canadian women getting married is 28.

233. Perceptions of marital quality over the first 10 years of marriage show a decline in the early years.

234. Husbands and wives may have difficulty making the transition from being children of their parents to autonomous adults.

235. The divorce rate in Canada peaked in 1987 and now appears to be on the decline.

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