22.3   Short Answer 1) ________ a description for computations solvable by

Question : 22.3   Short Answer 1) ________ a description for computations solvable by : 1907263

22.3   Short Answer

1) ________ is a description for computations solvable by computer in principle, but not in practice.

2) ________ use a "brute force" approach to solving a problem by trying every possibility and then picking the best solution.

3) The ________, determining if a computation halts for a given input, is a problem that cannot be solved by a computer. The Loop-Checker algorithm checking for infinite loops is one example.

4) Computers don't understand ________, that is, the language that humans use.

5) In computer games, e.g., chess, a(n) ________ is a procedure that assigns a numerical value to each chess piece when calculating the best possible move.

6) In chess, looking ahead to future moves is described as ________ since it involves moving toward the lower layers of possible choices.

7) Getting two or more computers to work on a problem at the same time is called ________.

8) A(n) ________ test is an experimental setting to determine if a computer and a person can be distinguished by their answers to a judge’s questions.

9) As the research field of ________ came into existence, a consensus grew that to exhibit intelligence, a computer would have to “understand” a complex situation and reason well

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