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Question : 221.____________ skills include the ability to perform tasks of a


221.____________ skills include the ability to perform tasks of a specific department or job, such as selling (marketing) or bookkeeping (accounting).
A. Conceptual
B. Departmental
C. Technical
D. Tactical

222.Leadership, coaching, and morale building are all part of a manager's _________ skills.
A. technical
B. theoretical
C. empirical
D. human relations

223.Although top managers most often possess these skills, they usually make less use of __________ skills than supervisory managers.
A. technical
B. conceptual
C. human relations
D. empirical

224.The downsizing that has occurred in recent years has __________ middle managers in many organizations.
A. increased the number of
B. eliminated the jobs of some
C. strengthened the control of
D. increased the importance of

225.Which of the following management positions is responsible for getting the right information to other managers to enable them to make better decisions?
A. Chief executive officer (CEO)
B. Chief financial officer (CFO)
C. Chief planning officer (CPO)
D. Chief information officer (CIO)

226.The further up the managerial ladder a person moves, the __________ his or her original job skills become.
A. more important
B. less important
C. stronger
D. more tactical

227.A chief operating officer (COO) would be classified as part of a firm's:
A. primary management.
B. middle management.
C. top management.
D. first-line management.

228.___________ involves recruiting, hiring, motivating, and retaining the best people available to accomplish the company's objectives.
A. Directing
B. Planning
C. Leading
D. Staffing

229.In comparing the types of skills used by managers at different levels within an organization, which of the following is true?
A. Top managers use mainly technical skills and middle and first-line managers use mostly conceptual skills
B. First-line managers use mainly technical and human relations skills, while top managers devote most of their time to activities involving human relations and conceptual skills
C. The types of skills used by managers do not change much from one level of management to another
D. The specific skills used at different levels of management do vary, but conceptual skills are the most important at all levels

230.Gabriella is responsible for hiring, motivating, and retaining the best employees for her organization. Gabriella is in charge of:
A. staffing.
B. orienting.
C. directing.
D. facilitating.



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