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Question : 21.While driving her children, Adriana’s car broke down. She called

21.While driving her children, Adriana’s car broke down. She called her husband on the cell phone for the number of a towing company. If the children’s behavior prevents her from repeating the number to herself, most likely Adriana will need to dial the phone number within the next __________ or she will forget the number.


b.2 seconds

c.15 seconds

d.45 seconds

22.Sabrina has a psychology midterm tomorrow afternoon. Before taking her test, she has to go to her sociology class in the morning. Which of the following provides the best explanation as to why Sabrina might struggle on her psychology exam?


b.Limited capacity of long-term memory


d.Retrieval inhibition

23.During lecture each day, a psychology professor may explain four main points he wishes the class to retain. However, most students do not think about the material again until the following class period two days later. The forgetting that occurs between classes is most likely the result of





24.When information that you learned in your high school psychology class gets in the way of learning new information from your college-level psychology class, ________ has occurred.


b.long-term blocking



25.Shanna has a quiz covering research methods for both her biology and psychology classes. As she studies, she is continually getting information confused between the classes. The resulting memory loss is explained by


b.retrieval failure.


d.serial position effects.

26.In high school, Deanna took three years of Spanish. Upon enrolling in college 10 years later, she registered for a remedial French course. When required to speak in French during class discussion with her teacher and classmates, Deanna frequently responds with Spanish words instead of French words. This is one example of



c.proactive interference.

d.retroactive interference.

27.When asked to recall single-digit numbers presented in various digit span sizes, the typical adult starts to encounter difficulty once he or she gets past approximately ________ digits.




28.Rebecca stops after reading two or three paragraphs in her psychology text. She rehearses and thinks about the material she has just read before continuing on. The aspect of memory Rebecca is most concerned with is the limited duration of

a.sensory memory.

b.short-term memory.

c.iconic memory.

d.echoic memory.

29.Skip has a big test tomorrow and has studied late into the night. If Skip falls asleep and takes the test first thing in the morning, which of the following would best explain any information he forgets?

a.Retroactive inhibition


c.Proactive inhibition


30.Which of the following best illustrates retroactive interference?

a.Susie struggles to learn how to play the violin, after playing the guitar for many years.

b.Chet struggles to learn the names of the new players he added to his fantasy baseball roster.

c.Professor Jones struggles to learn the names of his new students after teaching for many years prior.

d.Coach Todd calls one of her old softball players the name of one of her new players.

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