21.Which of the following would be an appropriate target of

Question : 21.Which of the following would be an appropriate target of : 1774305

21.Which of the following would be an appropriate target of content analysis?


b.NCVS data

c.crime rates

d.Uniform Crime Records

22.Content analysis is well-suited for which of the following situations?

a.to determine unemployment rates

b.to find out public relations with police

c.to answer the classic questions of communications research

d.court records

23.Which of the following is not an advantage of using secondary data?

a.reduction in validity threats

b.it is cheaper than collecting original data

c.it is faster than collecting original data

d.the researcher may benefit from the work of others established in their fields

24.The visible, objective context of a communication is known as ____.

a.latent content

b.manifest content



25.The publication produced by the Bureau of Justice Statistics that includes information about hundreds of justice agency data sets, characteristics of criminal justice agencies, and perceptions of crime is called ____.

a.the Uniform Crime Reports

b.the National Crime Victimization Survey

c.the Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics

d.Gallup Poll

26.Dr. Jones is having his Introductory to Criminal Justice students analyze cartoons. He instructs them to identify the number of violent acts per show, the type of violent act and the characteristics of the victim. Dr. Jones is having his students use ____.

a.content analysis

b.secondary data

c.new data collected by agency staff

d.nonpublic agency records

27.Published statistics and agency records are often used in _____.

a.survey research

b.descriptive studies

c.experimental studies

d.qualitative research

28.FBI statistics and annual reports from the Federal Bureau of Prisons are examples of _____.

a.nonpublic agency records

b.new data collected by agency staff

c.published statistics

d.content analysis

29.Which fact is important to remember when using agency records?

a.to ask permission before you study any agency data

b.to examine the data through some form of content analysis

c.the financial considerations of obtaining complete agency records are typically substantial

d.the discretionary actions by criminal justice officials and others affect the production of virtually all agency records


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